Luis Suárez 'Dives' And 'Cheats' In New Advert (VIDEO)

Suárez 'Dives' And 'Cheats'... In An Office?

Is Luis Suárez learning? For a player who has blamed everyone but himself for racially abusing an opponent, biting an opponent, diving and cheating, the Liverpool striker has gone some way to repairing his image with a self-deprecating advert.

Providing Suárez is actually acting, it's perhaps the first time on record he has come across as likeable.

He exudes all the unconscionable hallmarks he possesses on the pitch, from diving to complaining to being a general nuisance, but commendably pokes fun at himself.

It is certainly a better performance than Pepe Reina's notorious ad appearance which depicted "stupid" black people.

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