17/07/2013 06:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

On Yer Bike: Giles Deacon Has Designed A Lady Bag For Cyclists

This morning MyDaily had the pleasure of chatting to celebrated British fashion designer, retro spectacles wearer, amigo of Kelly Brook, and thoroughly nice chap: Mr Giles Deacon. A self-proclaimed "cycling enthusiast", Giles has teamed up with Sky Ride as part of their annual campaign to create an exclusive cycling accessory. The aim is to shake off the terrifying image sweaty middle-aged men in Lycra, and replace it with something a just a bit more cool.

"After the work that Henry [Holland] did with his Sky Ride jacket and I was excited to do an accessory to go with it - and talking to the girls in my studio the idea was to create what's effectively a modern-day basket that can easily attach to your handlebars but that you could take the pub without feeling self-conscious".

The bag designs borrow the cartoon-like imagery from the designer's 2012 resort collection. I did a whole series of sketches of people sat in airports and there was this amazing old Italian women who wore massive just like Jackie O - I think they give the designs a personal touch and something quirky and a bit chic.

See Giles' design up close here:

The bag is available to buy in early October for £40 but sign up to get hold on one now and find out all the great ways you can get on your bike at

Watch out for our video interview with Giles next week.