18/07/2013 13:19 BST | Updated 18/07/2013 13:21 BST

'Guest Poos In Bin' And Other Bad Holiday Home Stories

A desperate-looking man tries to claw his way out of a toilet bowl in this bizarre and humorous montage, symbolic of all kinds of problems.

Hopefully your food will have been digested by now, because we don't want to be responsible for the hurl-some effects that the top 10 worst holiday home stories may have on your stomach.

One of the UK's holiday home insurance companies has revealed the worst guests that owners have had to deal with over the last year, and my, they are a grim lot.

The bright spark that decided to use the bin as a toilet must be the winner, while others included a guest who stuffed rotten meat between the cracks and the pipe in the kitchen. Of course, why use a fridge?

Here is the top 10 list from Schofields (and if you're thinking of renting your home out to guests, look away now...)

1. In the UK, a guest filled a bathroom bin to the brim with human faeces after they took the sign “Don’t Put Anything Down the Toilet” too literally.

2. A guest hid raw meat within a fitted kitchen unit in France (the guest in question had strategically removed plinths and kitchen units and placed raw meat within cracks and gaps in order to try and get their money back).

3. TV was obviously important to this guest in the US, who had installed a satellite dish, fixed to the wall and complete with cabling and decoder, while staying in a holiday home.

4. Some scamp took the lava rocks from a gas BBQ and left a note for the holiday home owner stating ‘some stupid idiot has put charcoal in your BBQ and it took us ages to clean it out’.

5. A bad 'un this. A guest in France had left faeces-covered towels, hidden under the bed and in the closet.

6. Owners found all the windows with kitchen foil to apparently block out the sunlight, despite curtains and blinds being available, in France.


7. All the electrical plugs on appliances (EU to UK) were changed in a holiday home in Spain.

8. A guest in the UK stole every other curtain hook in the entire property from the holiday home they were staying in.

9. Taking thieving to the next level, a guest removed the batteries from all the remotes, clocks and smoke alarms in the holiday home.

10. A guest in the UK turned up the heat to maximum and then opened all the windows before leaving.

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