Best Ways To Boost Your Sex Life Revealed: Most Brits Choose Role Play (NSFW)

Best Ways To Boost Your Sex Life Revealed

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Why not make like the rest of Britain and try role play on for size?

According to research, 35% of Brits opt for role play when looking to boost their sex lives with more than half of them choosing to dress up in uniform.

The study was conducted by online pharmacy UKMedix, as part of research into non-medical methods used to improve sex lives in Britain.

A total of 1,712 people took part, all of whom were aged 18 and in a co-habiting relationship.

The survey asked: "Have you ever used any ‘special’ methods to boost your sex life with your current partner?"

To which more than 62% replied: "Yes"

Most popular sex-life boosters:

  • Role playing- 35%
  • Sex Toys- 34%
  • Exhibitionism (Loud/ Outdoor/ Public Sex)- 28%
  • Celibacy/ ‘Sex Breaks’- 25%
  • Open Relationship/ Threesome- 21%

Interestingly, 19% of role-players claimed that they or their partner impersonated the other’s most-fancied celebrity. Is this us or is this a bit odd?

“It seems that role playing is potentially more popular than some may think in bedrooms around the UK, with donning your partner’s favourite style of uniform topping the charts," Sarah Bailey of UKMedix.

"Whatever method you employ, as long as both yourself and your partner are comfortable with it, that’s all that matters.

"As for which celebrities are most commonly impersonated in the bedroom; our bets would have to be on George Clooney and Kelly Brook!”

What methods have you used to boost your sex life? Let us know in the comments below

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