How To Make Sensory Socks For Babies

Baby Play: Sensory Socks

Lurking somewhere in everyone's home is a monster hiding. He may only be small and he may like to live underneath your bed or in a cupboard but there is one thing for sure this monster loves to eat - socks! Yep, I'm pretty sure every mum will admit that they have a collection of odd children's socks, no matter how hard they try to keep the socks together! If you have odd socks then here's an activity for you.

Back in my nursery days I used to love making sensory socks. They would cost very little and would dry out well if dribbled on but could easily be replaced when needed. Great for babies or children with special needs I would recommend you give this one a try.


Odd Socks


Herb's, lavender or grind from lemon/ orange.

Needle and thread

Step 1:

Fill the sock half way with rice.

Step 2:

Add the herb or scent of your choice.

Step 3:

Continue to fill the sock with rice until you are 1-2 cms from the top. If you are using a large sock, like in my picture, you may choose to only fill it half way and cut off the top.

Step 4:

Turn the sides of the sock inward and sew the sides together. This does not need to be neat as long as it's secure to avoid the rice becoming a choking hazard.

Step 5:

Move the rice around inside the sock to help spread the scent.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Laughs and gurgles

Shows a range of emotions such as pleasure, fear and excitement

Physical Development

Makes movements with arms and legs which gradually become more controlled

Reaches out, touches and begins to hold objects

Understanding of the World

Repeats actions that have an effect, e.g. kicking or hitting a mobile or shaking a rattle

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