A Peek At A Sex Doll Factory: What Happens Before They Become 'Companions' (VIDEO, PICTURES, NSFW)

Along with empty changing rooms, multi-storey car parks and ghoulish tourist sites where mass killings have taken place, the next eeriest place must be the factories where sex dolls are made.

For many men who use sex dolls, they aren't just dolls, rather 'companions' who replace real women in their lives. Some men, such as 60-year-old Bob Givens who has the world's largest collections of dolls and appeared on This Morning, are married.

The insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the factory is frankly, eerie.

Disembodied heads, smiling plastic faces, rows and rows of teeth - it's almost a true reflection of the seedy fate that awaits them.

The photos are part of photographer Zackary Canepari's project Love Machines, which was shot at a Californian factory in San Marcos called Abyss Creations. Each of the dolls cost around $7,000 (£4,500) and are customised.

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Real Dolls

A Look At A Sex Doll Factory

Haunting, aren't they? The photos were taken for a film called Honey Pie, directed by Zackary and Drea Cooper. It is part of a documentary film series called California Is A Place.

In the film, Zackary and Drea interview sculptor Matt McCullen, who explains the reasoning behind one Alaskan customer who had ordered the doll and had no companionship.

"They had to bring this doll out in this large, coffin-like box," he says in the video. "But he loved it. He said it really took away the edge off of his loneliness and being alone out there."

The sculptor said he was always driven to sculpt females. "I had to test them and make a vagina in a box...and I had to try it out. I took it very seriously. I graciously donated myself to making sure everything worked right."

The photos accomplish something that words possibly couldn't - the world of sex dolls strips women down to their minute parts, and listening to a man describe 'testing' a vagina reduces women to the barest components. It has nothing to do with love, as far as we can see.

Take a look at the photos and the video, and tell us what you think in the comments below.