‘Mass Text' By Tay Allyn Is The New ‘Friday' By Rebecca Black

And we mean that in a good way, of course.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, meet the newest so-bad-it-will-probably-make-her-star music video to hit the YouTubes: 'Mass Text', by LA-based 'artiste' Tay Allyn.

(A 'mass text' being a text message sent to lots of people at once, of course, and not a text sent during Mass.)

According to Ms Allyn's website, she sings "songs about your normal everyday life, to hot beats".

And after listening to 'Mass Text', we can't really argue with that. Click play on the video above to enjoy its 'Summer Heights High'-style delights, some great dance moves at the end, and lyrics such as "I really really really really really need to know/Was it a typo?".

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