'Luther' Episode 4 Review - Far-Fetched Finale For Idris Elba's Lonesome Copper

REVIEW: Luther - A Far-Fetched Finale For Idris Elba's Lonesome Copper

And so, just when we were starting to get used to him again, Luther upped and said goodbye, possibly for ever, if rumours are to be believed.

This final episode found Luther somewhat isolated - his partner slain, his woman in hiding, and resident baddy Tom Marwood, bent AND benevolent coppers all on his trail.

Luther was an isolated man for much of the finale

In better news for poor Luther, a blast from the past in the form of cool ex-sparring partner Alice turned up to assist - all white robe, windowed apartment and even a Jensen Interceptor set of wheels. What's not to like? And it turned out she only wanted one thing to return - Mr Luther himself.

But what of Luther's other lady? Well, Mary was holed up in some inexplicably uncomfy 'safe' house, if by safe you mean no sharp objects to hurt yourself on, like sofas, armchairs or even a beanbag for her to shake her head into.

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I'd have just left her to it. Alice was proving much more game, inserting herself into the increasingly unlikely narrative arc. If it seemed a bit far-fetched that Luther would have Marwood's crimes pinned on him, it was nigh on impossible that he would find Marwood and take him on single-handedly. Or that Alice and Mary would be saved by virtue of a trusty nail, after Luther's horrible rooftop dilemma - choose Alice or Mary for Marwood to shoot, or lose both.

Luther faced an impossible choice

But this is Luther-land, where seeing is belief-suspending, right until the very end where, in possibly the biggest plot-twist of all, Mary finally showed some gumption and let her man go free, and into the arms of a better-deserving woman. Finally, it seems Luther is lonesome no more, even if we'll have to start getting used to life without him, all over again.


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