More Than Half Of British Women Admit To Checking Their Mobiles During Sex


It's phone sex, but not as we know it.

Either we're getting harder to please or guys, you're getting worse at getting it on because new research has revealed 62% of British women pause sex to answer a phone call, send a text, read an email - or even worse - check Twitter and Facebook.

Men's magazine writer Pete Cashmore said: "I have had this happen to me. I just assume that they are tweeting about how good I am, and then go to sleep."

The study by surveyed men and women aged 18 and over from around the UK; all were smartphone users and had been in a relationship for one year or more.

However, HuffPost Uk Lifestyle readers and our panel of experts think it's a load of rubbish.

Sex expert Tracey Cox says: "I never quite believe these stats. I mean really? Can you imagine doing that? They're either having massively long sex sessions or really sad, disconnected sex! It's true that some women do find it hard to stay in the moment and find themselves drifting off during sex - especially marathon bouts of intercourse. But yes, both partners do need to up their game if someone's checking their phone during sex.

"It's not only rude it shows absolute sexual apathy! Bodies do get desensitised though: so if your partners' doing something for too long, it can start to lose sensation and therefore interest. As usual, talking about what's working and what's not will solve it."

Superlatively Rude blogger Laura Jane Williams said: "I cannot believe for one second that women check their phone during sex. And if they are, I reckon that's prime example of how it's better to be alone than with the wrong fella! NOBODY loves Facebook that much."

HuffPost UK Lifestyle Facebook users also commented:

Heather McGuirk says: "Gods, NO. I honestly think this statistic is total crap; that many men (or women) can't be THAT crap at sex that their partners are checking their phones."

Cinds Price added "Even if it was that bad, I wouldn't be that rude."

So, is there any truth in it? Does it prove what we've known for a while that increasingly, we're becoming addicted to our handsets? ran a study that revealed that 51% of adults use their phone when socialising with friends, and that 20% of us even use it in the toilet.

It's certainly something our American counterparts might understand - a worldwide survey of 4,000 women by survey by AVG Technologies revealed that 57% of women in America would rather use their phones than have sex. The French are the least likely to pick their phones over sex.

On average, men spent 2.5 hours using their phone, whilst women spent 1.5 hours on the internet through their phone.

Although 48% of men confessed to interrupting sex to check their phone, we beat them by a clear berth of 14%. Here are the top reasons for interrupting"

1. Answering a phonecall (34%)

2. Reading/replying to a text message (24%)

3. Reading/replying to an email (22%)

4. Making a phone call (12%)

5. Checking or updating social media profile pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) (4%)

Even more disturbingly, when asked about their partner’s reaction if they’d ever checked their phone during an intimate moment, 34% claimed that their other half ‘didn’t mind’. The stuff of romance, eh?

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