'Big Brother': Emma Willis Defends Controversial Daley Ojuederie Interview

'Big Brother' host Emma Willis has spoken out to defend her controversial interview with ejected housemate Daley Ojuederie.

The contestant was thrown out of the famous house for 'threatening and aggressive behaviour', after an incident with fellow housemate Hazel O'Sullivan, whereby he grabbed her by the neck and pinned her on a bed and told her to "respect your f**king elders, before I nut you one".

Big Brother host Emma Willis

Following his ejection, Daley appeared on companion show 'Big Brother's Bit On The Side', where Emma was accused of being 'too soft' on him.

Speaking to Digital Spy in defence of the interview, Emma said that is 'wasn't her job to crucify' Daley.

"I had a lot of criticism for being too easy on him, but I just felt this guy has potentially really screwed everything up for himself in every which way... and was so upset and crying that I wasn't there to crucify him any more than he's crucifying himself," she said.

"That's not my job. We have to look after anybody that comes out of that house mentally if they make major mistakes like he did.

"If he was on any form of an edge, I was not going to be the one to push him off it by poking at him in an interview to satisfy people who are watching. If you want to see him answer questions, you ask him questions, but I am not going to."

Daley was interviewed by Emma on 'Big Brother's Bit On The Side'

Daley recently admitted he is seeking therapy following the incident.

He told the Daily Star: "I was battling things while I was on Big Brother... personal things.

“I said in the Diary Room that sometimes I feel like I’m living only because I’ve got air but not because I want to be here. I went on the show because I didn’t want to feel like this any more. I used to be stubborn and thought I could deal with things myself. I would have seen ­getting help as a weakness.

"But I’ve been getting therapy and I’m already opening up, which I never thought I could do,” he added.

Big Brother housemates

Big Brother housemates