25/07/2013 05:00 BST | Updated 25/07/2013 05:07 BST

Swedish Politician Posts Picture Of Liverpool Tattoo... And His Penis (PICTURES)

Swedish politician Lars Ohly hastily deleted an Instagram picture on Wednesday when he shared not just his new Liverpool tattoo, but his manhood.

Inexplicably, Ohly decided to take a picture of his new Liver bird ink on his leg without wearing any underwear, and showed off his penis as well.

The 56-year-old former party chairman of the Swedish Left Party tried to see the funny side, though.

Exposure limited

"Ha, ha, I accidentally posted a picture on Instagram that showed more than intended. Now corrected," Ohly said.

"Summer’s wonderful. The willy picture is today’s hot topic. Completely by accident, though. The future will see a more thorough uploading review process."

There were some cross-party jokes at Ohly's expense, as well.

What a hideous thing, and then there's the tattoo

Former Social Democrat leader Hakan Juholt tweeted: ”I’d planned to grill sausages tonight but now it’s going to be chicken,” while Conservative opponent Carl Bildt wittily added, “Congratulations to you, after all these years, for getting this genuinely public breakthrough!”

Avid tweeters will know he is not the first Liverpool fan to have allegedly exposed his penis online.