Thierry Henry's Garish Tattoo Of Daughter (PICTURE/VINE)


Thierry Henry, the former Arsenal striker was always hard to like as a player. His smarminess, hypocrisy and cheating tainted a great footballer, and now there are these garish tattoos he has had inked onto his arms, one of which is supposed to be his daughter.

The New York Red Bulls striker has had Téa Henry tattooed onto his forearm. Why would he do this? Well, in 2008 he complained he had only seen her five times in eight months.

In which case, he perhaps should have stayed at Arsenal, the club he "loved" but left in 2007, a year after signing a new contract.

That's your daughter?

And those Arsenal fans must be hurt Henry hasn't had the North Bank tattooed across his back, because he also now boasts the Empire State Building on his arm.

Henry is 35 now, which seems a little early for a mid-life crisis.

Empire state of where is my mind?

And all of this comes complete with a Vine reveal.


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