Chelsee Healey Left Shaken After Being Punched On A Night Out

Chelsee Attacked

'Waterloo Road' star Chelsee Healey has been left shaken after being punched in the head during a night out.

The actress had to be held back by friends after she was attacked outside London's DSTRKT club.

Chelsee Healey

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' star - who reported the incident to police after the attacker ran off - took to Twitter following the unprovoked attack.

“So a girl thinks it’s nice to punch me in the side of my head on the sly n run off lol. I seen u, you fat mess, wish I wuda caught u tub," she wrote, but quickly deleted the message.

An onlooker said: “Chelsee was having a drink and dance and at about 2.30am she stepped outside the club.

“All of a sudden this girl ran up, punched her in the face and then legged it. It was a horrible end to a good night.”

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