26/07/2013 12:15 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

OK Magazine Own-Goal: Kate's Post-Baby Weight Loss Regime (Even Before The Royal Baby Was Born)

This magazine cover is horrifying.

Keen to cash in on the royal baby but going to press before Baby Cambridge had entered the world at 4.24pm on July 22, I presume the editor took a punt on public fixation swivelling to the Duchess of Cambridge's weight loss regime.

Wrong! Spectacularly wrong.

As editor of a website for parents, I've become used to the endless celebrities disappearing from public view for the last month of their pregnancy, the ensuing birth announcement followed as fast as possible with the grand reveal of their figures. Wow, gosh, how did they do it?

Here's how. They probably have an entourage of personal trainers, nutrition experts and cooks, plus, and most importantly, someone to care for their baby while they are pursuing these regimes, honing their bodies so no trace of pregnancy is left.

For many TV and film stars being thin is part of their job, how they continue to get roles and make money – and therefore the rush to get back 'in shape' in an absurdly short amount of time is presented as a positive. It's not. It's unrealistic for the vast majority of new mothers, who simply don't need this sort of media pressure – the Duchess of Cambridge included.

Most mothers watching Kate presenting her newborn son to the world's waiting media just one day after labour and her first birth would have felt immense sympathy.


We should celebrate real women's bodies; women whose bodies have achieved a mini miracle – the birth of another human being.

Real women will be recovering from childbirth, bonding with their babies, experiencing tiredness they have never known before, and extreme emotional highs and lows.