29/07/2013 08:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kate Moss In The Nineties: This Picture

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp - the most iconic couple of the Nineties? This picture was taken in 1994 at the start of their four-year romance. They were so beautiful, so insanely of the moment, I don't think any of us ever really got over their split. And Kate? Well, unsurprisingly she found it pretty difficult too.

Speaking about Depp to Vanity Fair in 2012, she said: "There's nobody that's ever really been able to take care of me. Johnny did for a bit. I believed what he said.

"Like if I said, 'What do I do?,' he'd tell me. And that's what I missed when I left. I really lost that gauge of somebody I could trust. Nightmare. Years and years of crying. Oh, the tears!"