02/08/2013 14:22 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dancer, 17, Didn't Know She Was Pregnant With 8lb Baby Boy!

We love surprise baby stories here at Parentdish. They always leave us with that 'But HOW could she have not have known?' feeling – especially when the baby's a big one.

And that was exactly the case with dancer Jodie Smith – who gave birth to an 8lb health baby boy without a clue that she was expecting.

In fact, the 17-year-old only went into hospital because she started to feel unwell.

Her concerned mother Lesley, 47, took her to A&E in the early hours – where doctors revealed she about to become a mum.

Just hours later, on July 23, Jodie gave birth to son Jack Arthur.

Jodie, a keen dancer from Carleton Glen in West Yorkshire, had no idea she was pregnant as she hadn't put on any weight. She and her boyfriend Danny Yeoman are shocked - but delighted. Her mum said: "We are still a bit shell-shocked. Jodie hasn't stopped smiling.

"She has been going to college, going to work, doing her dance classes, going to the gym, all as normal. She wasn't ill and looked just as slim all the way through.

"She'd gone to her boyfriend's, but came home because she was feeling so unwell.

"I told her to take two paracetamol, but I got a call from her brother later that evening saying Jodie was still poorly and had been sick.

"At 1am she came and woke us up and I called the on-call GP, but they told us we'd have to go to the Wakefield walk-in clinic.

"She was in so much pain by then I knew we'd never get her there, so we took her to A&E."

Once at Pontefract Hospital, doctors quickly discovered Miss Smith was pregnant and in labour, and transferred her to Pinderfields in Wakefield, where she gave birth in the early hours.

Lesley added: "The midwives think Jack was a couple of weeks overdue, and certainly full-term. He's had all his checks and he's fine. Even they can't believe it."