05/08/2013 09:34 BST

Jedward For 'Sharknado 2'? Tara Reid Causes Confusion Over Film Role

Tara Reid has caused confusion over whether Jedward have really landed their first film role.

The former 'American Pie' actress and the 'X Factor' twins - who became pals after both appearing on 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2011 - both tweeted that the boys are set to star in 'Sharknado 2' - a claim which she has since backtracked on.


Jedward originally tweeted: “Talked to ‪@tarareid we just found out that we are gonna star in ‪#sharknado 2 and will also be doing a song for the sound track.”

Tara added: “So excited John and Edward @planetjedward will be making there first movie debut in #sharknado 2 and will be on the sound track! Woo hop.” [sic]

Tara Reid with Jedward

However, after various reports of the brothers - also known as John and Edward Grimes - landing the role in the sequel to the surprise hit film of the year, Tara then claimed "it was just an idea".

"It's just an idea to have @planetjedward in #SharkNado2 but there's no script yet who else do you think should be in it #ideas," she tweeted.

So will we see the terrible twosome on the big screen? It seems we could be safe. For now.

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