05/08/2013 07:45 BST | Updated 05/08/2013 10:55 BST

Usain Bolt Holds Party In Gorky park Ahead Of Moscow World Championships (PICTURES)

Usain Bolt held a Jamaican Party at Moscow’s Gorky Park on Sunday night ahead of the 2013 IAAF World Championships.

With just six days to go until the biggest track and field event of the year, the public event at Gorky Park gave fans a chance to see the multi-talented side of Usain Bolt.

Fans soaked up the Jamaican atmosphere as Russian dancehall and reggae act Steppa Style, Moscow based instrumental reggae band The Stereodrop and DJ Chagin and DJ Pirumov of Flammable Beats brought some Caribbean soul to Europe.

Bolt takes up the mic

Bolt was also given a taste of the local cultural scene, as Russians with an alternative athletic nature showed off their talents at a parkour contest. The free runners who regularly meet at the PUMA Social Club in Gorky Park competed in a Flow Contest, wowing Bolt with their freestyle skills.

Speaking about his welcome to Moscow, Bolt said: “I got a wonderful reception today from the Russian fans here at Gorky Park, it was really nice to see the support I have in Moscow. I like to bring a taste of Jamaica to wherever I go, and give local people an experience of the food, music and culture that comes from our small island.

Bolt admires the Russian dancers

"I enjoy that, and meeting fans and seeing them enjoying Jamaican reggae and dancehall makes me happy.

"The Russian music acts were really good, it was a wonderful start to my Moscow visit and good to unwind with the locals for a few hours before my final training preparations continue tomorrow.”