08/08/2013 09:35 BST

Tina Hobley Reveals Chrissie Williams Will Leave 'Holby City' With A Smile On Her Face (EXCLUSIVE)

Tina Hobley has revealed her 'Holby City' exit storyline will see her character of 12 years, Chrissie Williams, leave the show with a smile on her face.

In an interview with The Huffington Post UK, two weeks before she ditches her famous blue scrubs in the BBC medical drama, Hobley tells us: "I've got a really strong exit story. She does not cry, she's smiley and happy and everything, but I just could not stop crying."

Tina Hobley as Chrissie Williams

She adds that saying goodbye to the feisty ward sister was "probably the hardest piece of acting" she's ever had to do.

"I had to try and not cry. It's usually the other way around."

Talking about her emotional decision to move one, she says: "I've been up and down, up and down... I started on the show in my twenties and I'm in my forties now."

The 'Holby City' cast

Asked why she decided to leave 'Holby', she says: "It's quite easy to just stay put and not push yourself... now everyone [her children] is going off to school, I can be a little bit braver and take more risks and get back to challenging myself.

"I'm doing something at the Old Vic in November where they create a play in 24 hours and you work with six directors and six writers, it makes me feel sick talking about it. The last time I was on stage was about 18 years ago."

Hobley is also taking on challenges outside the acting world...

She recently signed up to Twitter ("It was about three weeks ago and I'm still rubbish on it") and she's now taking on a campaign to battle online piracy.

The mum of three, explains: "My 14-year-old Isabella brings a phone or an iPad to the table... I am not aware of what she's watching all the time because I've got two little ones, a 3- and a 5-year-old.

Tina Hobley at home

"She told me loads of her friends watch things illegally - films, downloads, so I set her up with this account where she can watch any film that's rated 15 or less... there is no reason for her to go elsewhere."

"There's still the peer pressure and thrill of downloading things illegally but I think this needs to be taught at school before they set off into the big wide world for the holidays.

"People live on these iPads and computers... they need to be told about watching the correct material online."

She adds: "I'm not preaching because I make mistakes all the time... It's really hard to find something everyone can watch as a family."

Tina Hobley is urging parents to keep an eye on what their kids are watching online this summer as new research reveals young children and teens are downloading or streaming films from illegal pirate websites, with many disturbed by what they are viewing. To ensure you find films safely and legally online, visit www.findanyfilm.com.

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