07/08/2013 05:53 BST

'Twinkind' 3D-Printed Mini Portrait Figurine Is The Answer To Your Mega-Narcissist Dreams

Are you the kind of narcissist that can't walk past a puddle without checking out your insanely preened face?

Or perhaps you're more the care-free prankster type with a particular penchant for 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids' style wind-ups?

Well either way 'twinkind' is for you. A 15 to 35 centimetre, hyper-realistic figurine - of yourself.


This could be you...

The startup is the brainchild of Germans Kristina Neurohr and Timo Schaedel who were inspired by an earlier pop-up shop called Omote, which was "the world's 3-D photo booth".

The duo quickly developed their own method of 3D-scanning, post-production and 3D-printing to ensure a mini replica that "turns out as lifelike as possible".

Their "custom-engineered photogrammetry 3D scanner" grabs your likeness in "the blink of an eye" using a multi-camera system similar to that used in The Matrix films.


They could be the family portraits of the future

To create your figurine a state-of-the-art 3D printer will create your likeness "as if by magic".

They can even do your pets.

You should however refrain from wearing shiny materials, fine fabrics or excessive rouge. Also, you can't point disco-style as the tiny finger will most likely break.


Or they could make sure your other half doesn't forget you while they're away...

The cost depends on the size of your chosen model.

A 15cm recreation will set you back £195 while the relatively giant 35cm version is a far heftier £1,119.

While they may not be the first to offer this kind of service, if the pictures are anything to go by they certainly seem to have nailed the accuracy to create pretty life-like models.


They'd look decent on top of a wedding cake...

Additionally, the small sizes appeal far more than an mega-creepy life-size version would.

Art historian, Elisabeth Rudolf, writes on the site:

Small things are usually nice handy additions or necessary objects of our everyday life. We tend to take them for granted and some of us cannot imagine to life without them, especially when we use them for constant communication. The good thing about them is, most of these objects do not scare us.

Figurines of ourselves which are both photographies and sculptures but without the sometimes slightly daunting discussions of aesthetical categories because of its size? What does it to our reflection of time, of catching a moment or personality, when the statue is not a big one?

Is it too big a question for an object like that or is it a pleasant way to introduce people to reflect their own images? According to his or her own likes.

A long lasting discourse and a complex one, that is why I do like it... especially because the challenging subject makes us reflect our own egos.

If you're interested and you can make the trip to Hamburg then contact twinkind direct here.