08/08/2013 07:32 BST | Updated 08/08/2013 09:38 BST

Sharon Osbourne Goes Make-Up Free As She Steps Out In The New York Sunshine (PICS)

We're used to seeing Sharon Osbourne made up to within an inch of her life so it took a little longer than usual to recognise the 'X Factor' judge as she stepped out in New York yesterday.

Ok, to be be fair I was distracted by the cute-as-a-button pooch in her arms (Mr. Chips, if you must know) but blimey, Sharon's face changes almost as often as Simon Cowell changes his girlfriends these days so it's not exactly surprising it took a mo to clock her.

Sharon Osbourne goes make-up free in New York

Mrs. O might have gone slap-free but she kept her cool by wearing a panama hat as NYC basked in glorious sunshine - a wise move considering her fate this time last year when she was spotted melting in the heat of the Big A.


And despite the sweltering temperatures, 60-year-old Sharon wasn't about to ditch her trademark all-black look, oh no, but that might have been because she was off to watch hubby Ozzy perform with his band Black Sabbath.

I just hope she remembered some ear muffs for poor Mr. Chips.