Russian TV Host Dmitriy Kiselyov Says Gays' Hearts Unfit For Organ Donation, Should Be Burned (VIDEO)

WATCH: Gays' Hearts 'Unfit For Extending Anyone's Life'

A Russian TV host has said gay people should be barred from donating blood and sperm and their hearts burned rather than used for organ donation.

Dmitriy Kiselyov was hosting the prime-time Historical Progress programme when he made the comments.

In the video he said: "I think that to fine gays for the propaganda of homosexuality among teenagers is not enough.

Gay rights in Russia have become a hot global issue

"They should be prohibited from donating blood, sperm. And their hearts- in case of a car accident - should be buried or burned as unfit for extending anyone’s life."

Although the clip has been available online for some time, it has been widely shared on social media amidst the global outcry at the Russian state's attitude towards homosexuals.

Kiselev has since defended his comments insisting he was simply referring to out-dated organ donation legislation in Russia.

He points to American regulations that prohibit gay men from donating blood due to an "increased risk for HIV, hepatitis B and certain other infections".

Kiselev said: "There must be a law in Russia prohibiting these people becoming donors. A law that would make a lie on this matter a crime.

"Because this is a personal responsibility and a grievous sin. As of now the responsibility for this sin lies with the doctor and the state."

He also claimed he has too many gay friends to be homophobic.

A lawmaker recently said gay athletes and tourists could face arrest at next years Sochi Winter Olympics under draconian new legislation.

Last week the gay actor and TV-personality, Stephen Fry, wrote an open letter to David Cameron asking him to boycott the Games in protest.

Human Rights Watch has documented cases of the Russian authorities censoring and harassing journalists and activists who are critical of the new laws.


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