13/08/2013 04:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mirror Mirror: Baby Blue

Apart from sharing a name with the offspring of r'n'b royalty, UK rapper Baby Blue is best known for her collaborations with Estelle, John Legend and Madness. MyDaily caught up with Balham-born star to talk eight inch heels, James Bond and Iron Man costumes...

rapper baby blue talks to mydaily

When I look in the mirror I see... myself the same way I did when I was really young. I don't see that I've changed a lot. I still have the sam ambition, but I also notice I've overcome obstacles and been through experiences that have made me a stronger person.

If I were stranded on a desert island with just one outfit it would be... my Iron Man suit so I could fly away!

When I was at school I wanted to be... an actress. I did a lot of school plays and drama classes but my passion was always music and towards the end of my school years I figured out that's what I really wanted to do.

My biggest style triumph was... having to wear eight inch heels when I shot the video for Magnetic Eyes for 12 hours and still being able to walk! I loved the heels but they weren't made for walking around in. It was a really cool video with fireworks and explosions everywhere so I just had fun with it.

If I could be any character from film or literature I would be... James Bond because his life is always exciting - and he never dies! Plus I love his style and confidence! Oh, and the cars he drives. I think I would be a good secret agent because I always get myself out of tough situations.

Baby Blue's BUMP is out now. Available on iTunes.