Chantelle Houghton Goes Brunette And Shares Unrecognisable Extension-Free Picture

Guess what everyone? Chantelle Houghton has ditched the blonde and gone brunette.

And while we love her new colour, what's even more interesting is the extension-free 'do she was rocking in a picture she shared before having a new set of tresses fitted.

Chantelle Houghton debuts her new look

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner looked unrecognisable as she tweeted a snap of herself post-dye job, pre-extensions fitting, which revealed her natural hair is only shoulder length.

Chantelle as she appeared before

After returning to her flowing looks, Chantelle took to Twitter to thank fans for their compliments on her new look.

“Thank you @Easilocks for my new brunette hair and extensions!! Shane o'sullivan is the best,” she tweeted.

“Thanks for all the lovely comments about my new @Easilocks brunette hair x,” she said.

What do you make of Chantelle's new 'do? Comment below...

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