14/08/2013 11:57 BST | Updated 14/08/2013 11:59 BST

Radio 4 Today Presenter James Naughtie Tells Guests To Shut Up

Veteran BBC presenter James Naughtie lost patience with two guests appearing on his Radio 4 show this morning, demanding they both "shut up, just for a second".

The Today presenter intervened as Times columnist Jenni Russell and Sunny Hundal, who runs the Liberal Conspiracy site, got in a spat over Ed Miliband's performance record.

Veteran BBC presenter James Naughtie lost patience on his Radio 4 show

Things got heated as the pair discussed the Labour Leader, who returned to work after his summer holiday with a splat today – getting pelted with eggs by a protester in Walworth, London.

The Radio 4 presenter became increasingly frustrated as the pair continually talked over each other, visibly becoming irate.

After they ignored the presenter's repeated requests to "hang on a minute," Mr Naughtie finally snapped and sniped: "Look, will you two shut up, just for a second, we are trying to have a civilised discussion here."

The firmly-worded interruption worked however, and the two guests quickly piped down and looked on sheepishly before politely finishing their discussion.