14/08/2013 08:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kelly Brook &Amp; Danny Cipriani Split Update: He'll Be Kicking Himself When He Sees Her New Lingerie Campaign

Kelly Brook may very well be the least heart-broken celeb in the whole of La La Land. The model who ditched her smarmy ex boyfriend Danny Cipriani earlier this month has been showing him exactly what he's missing by posting a series of saucy snaps of herself in her undies. Classic Kelly Brook.

Ah well, it's nice to see she's getting on with things and not dwelling on all that messy playing away (SIX TIMES!) business.

Perhaps she's finally taken fellow scorned ex girlf of Mr Cipriani, Jasmine Waltz's advice to "just walk away".

According to the Daily Star, Jasmine first warned Kelly about the former England rugby player five months ago and now urged her to "never speak to him again".

"Kelly, I warned you before that he would cheat on you, and I am so sorry to be proven right," Jas allegedly told the 33-year-old. "Have some self respect and show the world you are better than him.

"I am sure you loved him and always gave him the benefit of the doubt, but now it is time to do the best thing for you. This is your wake up call. He can be a sweet talker but don't fall for that bull."

Wise words from a random ex girlf Kelly. Perhaps you should take heed.