15/08/2013 13:06 BST

Scottish Football Fans Litter Trafalgar Square With 10,000 Beer Cans

More than 10,000 beer cans have been cleared from Trafalgar Square during an 'almighty clean-up'

A major clear-up operation has been taking place in Trafalgar Square today after Scottish football fans flooded the capital.

Thousands of kilted fans left an estimated 10,000 beer cans scattered around the capital's landmark before the dramatic England v Scotland clash at Wembley last night.

An "almighty clean-up" was required today after the Tartan Army invaded London as the two national teams met for the first time this century.


More than 10,000 beer cans have been cleared from Trafalgar Square during an 'almighty clean-up'

Around 25,000 Scottish fans - sporting big grins and the odd ginger wig - covered walls with the blue and white Saltire flag in the shadow of Nelson's Column as they spent the day partying in the capital.

The kilt-clad Scots, who also put washing-up liquid in the Trafalgar Square fountain, required a clean-up operation involving 20 cleaners and 18 trucks – who cleared an estimated two tonnes of beer cans.

While Scotland suffered a 3-2 defeat in the friendly game, Westminster City Council said it triumphed over litter, as well as finding "one or two weary Scotsmen" still in the square this morning.

The Metropolitan Police said there were two arrests at the match - one for drunk and disorderly behaviour and the other for public disorder.

A fan was also arrested for drunkenly dancing naked in a fountain in Trafalgar Square yesterday afternoon.

Leith Penny, Westminster City Council's strategic director for city management, said: "This was one almighty clean-up. Our crews worked hard round the clock to get London back to normal for our residents and businesses this morning.

"I'm glad to say it is Westminster 1, litter 0."