16/08/2013 13:02 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

15 Songs You Slow Danced To At The School Disco

The school disco, the biggest date in the academic calendar right? You smeared on your best sparkly lip gloss (the one you got free in Girl Talk magazine) and pulled on your favourite well-worn tracky pants and poodled down to the sports hall.

The PE apparatus was the ultimate backdrop for a night of awkward glances across the boy/girl divide, eating tomato ketchup flavoured crisps and drinking Panda Pops which miraculously made you, "so drunk" despite containing no alcohol.

After lining up for the obligatory rendition of The Macarena and watching the lads partake in knee slide competitions (you were impressed by that crap back then) the slow track came on and the rest is history...

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