'LazyGlasses' Have Angled Mirrors Inside So You Can Watch TV On Your Back (SLIDESHOW)


If you're lazy to the point of encroaching heart failure, you might be finding it a struggle to lift your head from the sofa and actually watch the TV.

Well worry no longer - a new invention has emerged to help you keep your eye on the box, without have to waste a single calorie of energy.

The LazyGlasses, available from ThinkGeek for just £10, are made with a set of internal mirrors which act like small periscopes.

By placing them on your head, you can watch a TV while lying at 90 degrees.

And the product pitch paints a pretty depressing picture of the moment where you realise you need a pair:

"Lying flat on your back, as comfortable as that can be, isn't at all conducive to any of those activities. Your screen, sitting upright, is minus-90 degrees from your field of view. Sure, you can roll on your side, but you'd have to roll your screen, keyboard, and mouse over on its side, too. That won't work. Trust us, we've tried."

"Luckily, we've found a technical solution to your problem. Enter Lazyglasses! Finally, the dream of lying flat on your back, watching TV at your feet, can be realized! … Go ahead, reward yourself with a little you-time. You deserve it."

The mirrored glasses are said to be made with a "soft material" for "extra comfort". There's no word yet if anyone's invented something to help you put them on, however. That still seems like quite a lot of work.

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