16/08/2013 12:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Six Reasons Why You Miss Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles is still a working actress, okay? She's been in loads recently - you just haven't realised it because she's not the leading lady anymore *sad face*.

The world's gotta wake up and realise Julia NEEDS to be centre stage again. Why? Because she kicked ass...

1. She addressed the big issues

2. She knew how to rock multi-plaits... Yes, that's a thing

3. You could watch her and Freddie Prince Junior on screen forever because were perfect for each other (sorry Sarah Michelle Gellar)

4. As were her and Heath Ledger *sobs forever*

5. She wasn't afraid to speak her mind

6. She proved that, in life, anywhere's a dance floor. See this patch of wasteland under this bridge? It's a dance floor...