3D-Printed Hyperloop Model Designed And Made By WhiteClouds In Just 24 Hours (VIDEO)

3D-Printed Hyperloop Model Unveiled

There were animations, drawings and lots and lots of hype but one thing missing from Elon Musk's unveiling of the Hyperloop was a physical model.

Sensing an opportunity and keen to demonstrate the potential of his 3D-printing company business, WhiteClouds CEO, Jerry Ropelato, issued his team a challenge:

Build a model of the "Hyperloop" concept in less than 24 hours.

So they did.

The five-member team created the miniature model proving just how effective 3D-printing technology can be in taking ideas from design to concept.

Ropelato said: "As a company we're really interested in technology and I thought it would be fun and interesting to take what we do every day and make the Hyperloop concept into something real.

"This really demonstrates the possibilities 3D printing offers."

The team designed the model using various computer aided design (CAD) programs before using three 3D printers to produce the model layer by layer.

WhiteClouds have a lot of faith in the technology.

They said: "While the Hyperloop will take some time and advances in technology to come to fruition, 3D printing has already left the pages of science fiction and is impacting the way we conceptualize and build objects.

"Maybe by time the Hyperloop transit system is ready to be built, it will be 3D printed."

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