20/08/2013 08:26 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Duke &Amp; Duchess Of Cambridge With Prince George: The First Official Family Picture

They have finally arrived - the first official family portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, with their baby son Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.

And aren't they glorious? The images - taken by grandfather Mike Middleton on a sunny day in the garden of Duchess Kate's parents' Berkshire home - is at once modern and timeless. There are many reasons why they're the most cheerful things we've seen this year, but here's four to start...

1. Prince George. Cutest. Baby. EVER.

2 (a) Kate's hair is magnificent - mane-like in fact - as if giving birth has somehow increased her ability to hold a bouncy blow-dry. It's longer and has more of a curl, but still has the effortless body that makes the rest of us fall on our round brushes and weep.

(b) Kate's dress. So you think it's a bit safe and maybe a bit mummy? Nuh-uh, take a second look. This is next season's hottest colour - the Duchess is not giving up her spot as a serious style icon any time soon.

3. Lupo, the family Cocker Spaniel. That lolling tongue, those eyes that have clearly spotted a couple of rabbits/bowl of Pedigree Chum way off yonder - he is the dream family dog. And when the royal baby is a little bit older, he'll be the best pet a Prince could wish for.

4. *says in squeaky voice, wipes tear* It's just a bit nice and wonderful really isn't it?

Let's relive that much-anticipated moment when Prince George met the world less than a month ago outside St Mary's Hospital on July 23rd...