22/08/2013 08:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

How To Choose Your Bridesmaids In Pictures &Amp; Gifs

You're engaged. You're excited. And the next thing you need to do is choose your bridesmaids. Tricky, isn't it? What elevates a good girlfriend to actual, full-on bridesmaid status?

Here's five points to help you make up your mind once and for all. Because a good bridesmaid has...

1. Never made you feel like Gretchen Wieners.

2. Picked you up when you've done this.

3. Never spent your money on crack (but if she has, it's possible she can redeem herself by referring to you as "cinder-f*ckin-rella*).

4. Been around since you had an extension phone in your bedroom.

5. Always does this before saying a word every time you see her (minus cry face).