23/08/2013 08:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Carol McGiffin: The Most Interesting Person In Celebrity Big Brother

Carol McGiffin is the most interesting thing about Celebrity Big Brother - we have to say it.

Yeah, yeah, we know Screech from Saved By The Bell is in the show too, but Carol's a woman who's actually achieved a lot and hasn't done any of it via the medium of reality telly (no offence Mario Falcone).

So here's five things you need to know about Caz, brace yourself - you're about to be pretty surprised...

1. She used to be married to Chris Evans! Yep, before Bille Piper was his missus, Chris was Carol's Him Indoors. The married in 1991, separated in 1993 and then eventually divorced in 1998. Writing about their relationship for the Daily Mail, Carol said their wedding had been like "garage flowers: last minute, cheap and dead within hours". Ouch.

2. Carol was a founder of Talk Radio UK, which she helped launch in 1995.

3. Carol is now the longest-standing member of the Loose Woman panel - she has been co-presenting the ITV show for 10 years.

4. Remarkably, she survived the 2004 tsunami. She was on holiday in Phuket in Thailand but managed to get to safety with the help of locals.

5. The broadcaster bloody loves a night out. Why? Well, here's what she told The Mirror: "I just don't want to live that long. That's why I drink so much. What's the point of living forever?" Erm, okay.