Real Madrid List Gareth Bale's Name And Number On Club Shop Website (PICTURE)

It was reported last week Real Madrid had pre-ordered 50,000 Gareth Bale shirts and ahead of his world record transfer on Friday, it appears someone at the online club shop had too itchy a trigger finger.

Last night, "Bale 11" was listed as a possible "category" Madrid fans could order with their new adidas shirt, before both name and number were hastily removed.

Madrid have kept the number 11 shirt vacant ahead of Bale's arrival, which is convenient after he recently trademarked his cringing "Eleven of Hearts" celebration.

Bale's name is listed on the left-hand side

At least Madrid will have Bale shirts to flog, unlike Chelsea with Robinho.

So confident were they the Brazilian would join them in 2008 they invited fans to pre-order their "Robinho" shirt, only he signed for Manchester City in a British record transfer days later.

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