27/08/2013 08:04 BST

'Celebrity Big Brother': Carol McGiffin Lives Up To 'Loose Women' Reputation After Boozy Night With Housemates (PICTURES)

Carol McGiffin is proving to be our favourite housemate on 'Celebrity Big Brother', mainly because of her love of a glass of vino (or five), which provided some comedy GOLD on Sunday night's show.

The 'Loose Woman' certainly lived up to her party animal reputation as she got so sozzled, she had to be put to bed by fellow housemates Mario Falcone and Charlotte Crosby following a night on the sauce.

Carol McGiffin's entry for Celebrity Gurner Of The Year

Carol had enjoyed a night of partying with her housemates

You know you've had a few when you're having to be looked after by someone from 'Geordie Shore', eh?

But McGiff raised even more laughs when she wrestled to get her trousers off and woke up her sleeping housemates, after being plonked on her bed by Mario and Charlotte.

We've all been there Carol, love.

Carol is dragged to bed by Charlotte and Mario

Carol struggled to get her trousers off after being put to bed

All of this wasn't before she'd had a 'tired and emotional' rant about fellow housemate Sophie Anderton, who she clashed with the previous evening over her desire to have a facelift.

"I think Sophie is nowhere near 36. I think she's probably 46," she told fellow housemates Louie Spence and Mario.

"She's had so much shit pumped into her face. She can't speak properly," Carol said, slurring.

Carol gives it some lip about Sophie

The Loose Woman claimed the model looked like a 'trout'

"She's telling me 'don't have a facelift, don't have this, don't have that, go and see this woman who's going to give you loads of injections,' and I'm going to look like you? I don't think so, thank you very much. Over and out."

After Louie defended the model's lips, Carol said: "Her lips look shocking. Shocking, are you mad?

"She looks like a trout," she concluded.


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