'This Is Great For Miley Cyrus,' Claims VMA Awards Host Kevin Hart

'This Is Great For Miley,' Says VMA Host Kevin Hart

The host of the VMA Awards has revealed he thinks Miley Cyrus will have the last laugh, following all the controversy over her raunchy performance with Robin Thicke.

The former Disney popster's rendition of 'Blurred Lines', complete with PVC bikini, twerking and lots and lots of tongue-flashing, sent fans, critics and family groups into a frenzy of reaction, both good and bad.

Miley - good or bad? Everyone's talking

But stand-up star Kevin Hart, who was presenting the Awards for the second year running, tells HuffPostUK he thinks all this talk can only benefit Miley in the long run...

"The standout performance this year was definitely Miley, as it should be.

"Everybody is having mixed thoughts and different opinions, but at the end of the day, it�s great for her.

"Her single�s probably selling ridiculously right now and getting downloaded, so she�s laughing her way to the top of the chart, while everyone else is laughing at whatever they�re laughing at."

Hart is firmly in the pro-Miley camp

Hart, who is in London for the release of his film 'Let Me Explain' on Friday, documenting his stand-up career including sell-out gigs at London's O2 and New York's Madison Square Garden, reveals he remains a huge fan of the VMA Awards... "It's a huge stage, a huge platform, all those eyeballs on it, and it's live, so you never know what you're going to get."

Well, no, indeed.

Kevin Hart's 'Let Me Explain' is in selected UK cinemas from Friday 30 August. Watch the trailer below...


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