29/08/2013 11:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Saturdays Show Us How To Film A Music Video When One Band Member Is Pregnant

When The Saturdays film a pop video, it's just one big dance-off, complete with long glossy legs, oodles of lipgloss, thigh-grazing outfits and swishy hair- right? Well, it was.

But when one of said band members happens to be 'with child' when shooting commences (we're looking at you, Frankie), it seems that every effort is taken to avoid giving the bump any air time. No fair, we wanna see it.

Let us explain.

Disco Love, the follow up to the band's huge hit What About Us, is a story of the girls on a road trip. So far so good.

When the camper van breaks down however, the girls get out (bar Frankie), look a bit flustered etc and burst into song. Frankie, being the designated driver, stays inside and proceeds to sing her lines out the window of VW. Hmm, odd, especially when Franks is one of the best movers in le group.

Move on a few scenes and we're now in a nightclub where the girls jump around and do their thang, but, alas, not Frankie. All we see of her is a few smiley head shots, complete with some insanely wet-look lips.

While we're all for distraction tactics when needs must, but we can't help but feel a teeny bit cheated, much like how we felt when SJP attempted to cover up her pregnancy in SATC. It just feels and looks odd.

Bear that bump proudly, we say!