Top 10 Websites For Women To Follow

The internet isn't always the most pleasant place to be if you are a woman -- dark corners of it are filled with misogyny.

From Twitter rape threats and slut-shaming to criticising women for weight gain/outfit choices/balancing work and motherhood (*delete as appropriate), it's almost enough for make you want to turn off the computer for good.


Luckily, the world wide web can be as empowering as it is vile. And for every shitty website or venomous troll there is a fantastic resource, network or collective voice helping to smash the patriarchy and help women get ahead.

For that reason we wanted to bring you our top ten websites for women in 2013. This list is by no means exhaustive, so if there are any you think we've missed - let us know in the comments below.

Top Websites For Women