31/08/2013 10:35 BST | Updated 31/08/2013 10:41 BST

Broderick Chin, Malaysian Business Man, Faces Jail Time 'For Comparing Wife's Underwear To National Flag'

A Malaysian business man is reportedly facing a jail term for suggesting that his and his wife's underwear could be used as a substitute for Indonesia's flag.

Broderick Chin could be locked-up for five-years for the alleged insult against the Indonesian flag.

The vegetable oil company manager will be formally charged by prosecutors after employees complained to police that he insulted the Indonesian flag by comparing it to his underpants, national police spokesman Agus Rianto said.

The man reportedly suggested that his and his wife's underwear could be used as a substitute for Indonesia's flag

He was reported to have made the remark after his employee could not find an Indonesian flag to be hoisted to mark the country's Independence day, the Malaysia Chronicle reported.

"In that case, just use my underpants," Chin was reported to have said, according to the online news website.

"I have red underpants and my wife has white ones."

Rianto said the incident may have been a misunderstood joke, the Star Online reported.

"Maybe he was joking or maybe he was angry with the employee for failing to find the flag," he said.

The next day, a group of local residents gathered outside the company to demand for an apology," said Rianto.

Insulting state symbols carry a maximum five years in prison under Indonesian law.

Following public protests, Chin was detained and banned from travelling out of Indonesia pending the investigation, Rianto said.