11 Weeks Pregnant: Slow Down, Speed Bumps Ahead

11 Weeks Pregnant: Slow Down, Speed Bumps Ahead

So this week I've really started to notice the physical changes that mean I need to modify the way I go about my business every day.

The most profound of these is that it is now uncomfortable to sleep on my front. That's no big deal to some people, but I am definitely a stomach sleeper – it's the way I get to sleep every night, without fail – turned on my front, one arm above my head, legs slightly crossed.

Try as I might, my belly just seems tight, a bit like a full water balloon. My boobs have also been getting in on the act – up until now, I had cleverly been tucking the bulk of them under my armpits before happily snuggling into the land of nod, but these days, they won't really move that far. So it is, I've had to acquaint myself with falling asleep in the foetal position. I suppose it's good that I get used to it now, because that's the way it's going to be for some time. I may as well make the most of sleeping on my back as well before I'm too big to be able to do that too!

I've also been rudely reminded that I have a growing placenta and baby inside me when I get up from a chair or the sofa too quickly. When I do that, I'm confronted by a stabbing, wrenching pain that passes quickly, but it means I end up doubling over and taking a couple of deep breaths. When you think about it, this makes sense – there are things attached to the inside of your stomach behind the muscles now. And maybe because my muscles weren't that toned to begin with, flinging myself out of my chair to answer the phone in the kitchen just doesn't work anymore. It's my body actually rebelling against me and stopping me from throwing myself around as I would normally – definitely a good thing, and a reminder to myself to take it easy and slow down.

What physical changes did you have in pregnancy that you weren't expecting?