9 Weeks Pregnant: Let The Games Begin

9 Weeks Pregnant: Let The Games Begin

Something is certainly going on in there – this week I've definitely noticed that my boobs are getting bigger. A lot bigger. P is in seventh heaven! I, on the other hand, can't bear to have them touched (by myself or anyone else!).

When I take off my bra I feel an enormous sense of relief, akin to the feeling of stepping out of a pair of very high, very tight stilettos. Whilst they have definitely grown in cup size (from a C to a DD already!), they are also rounder and fuller. As P said in wonderment last night as I was undressing for bed, "It's like you are test driving what a boob job would look like." Well if this is the test drive, then I'm not sure I'll be buying the car just yet.

I'm also generally feeling bilious and a bit sick all the time – it's the start of the morning sickness I suppose, though I haven't actually vomited (except for the occasional 'follow through' burp - urgh!). It's more that I am now very sensitive to smells and more susceptible to being grossed out by them. The merest whiff of the full kitchen bin or the cat's litter tray (never my favourite odours anyway) are enough to make me run for the loo or the sink (whichever is closer), whilst breathing deeply through my mouth.

I've found that fresh ginger tends to stave off the feeling – I'll grate some into a mug and add hot water, a squeeze of lemon and a teaspoon of honey and then inhale the vapours until it's cooled down enough to drink. It may also be that the ritual of making the drink is in itself enough to distract me.

According to my pregnancy books, the morning sickness is caused by my new best friend, the Hcg hormone, which is still busy developing the placenta. I do count myself lucky that I haven't been feeling worse (though that could change) – I have fears of being ill on the train on the way to work. A close friend of mine used to have to carry a spare plastic bag with her on her commute because sometimes the urge between stations was just too overwhelming!

Because I've been feeling poorly, it's also been easy enough to avoid social occasions for the time being – just three weeks to go before we can share our big secret!

Did you get morning sickness? What remedies did you use to feel better?