04/09/2013 18:05 BST | Updated 04/11/2013 05:12 GMT

'Whitechapel' Episode 1 Review - Rupert Penry-Jones Back In With The Spooks

The return of Whitechapel found DI Chandler (Rupert Penry-Jones) and co thrust straight from the murky, almost medieval world of murder by stones, into the even murkier waters of international espionage, via the possible motivations of a witch hunter. It was a lot to take in.

Phil Davis, Steve Pemberton and Rupert Penry-Jones are back at work in 'Whitechapel'

Fortunately, we had RPJ and Phil Davis as sidekick Ray Miles to guide us through, a pair whose solid, contemporary vibe provided a comforting presence amidst all the spooky camera angles, squawking birds and swinging lightbulbs.

Daisy Beaumont cuts a dash as a security service agent, with no small interest in Chandler's case

The production team made as excellent a job as ever of keeping 'Whitechapel' with one foot firmly in the past of its proudly Victorian setting, with the only burst of contemporary colour the scarlet suit of the cartoony but enigmatic Stella Knight (Daisy Beaumont), Chandler'sunexpected visitor from MI6, with a palpably separate agenda and a great pair of glasses.

Back in the world of Spooks for RP-J...

Her preposterous posing was, of course, familiar territory for Rupert P-J, after his stints in Spooks and even Cambridge Spies. But not this time around, apparently. "My father was detective inspector, he told Miles, "This is all I've ever wanted to be." Which meant he got to stay on our side of the fence, and try to make sense of her elliptical chat, and this increasingly befuddled tale. No wonder it's a double-parter.

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