10/09/2013 10:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Is It OK To Let Your Child Be Naked In Public?

Every day is naked day.

They still don't quite understand, that despite their gorgeousness, not everybody wants to see them butt naked. Crazy I know, they have THE CUTEST butts!

Whilst at the beach today the kids were getting more and more soaked as they splashed about in the water, eventually being more wet than dry. As they started to feel uncomfortable I decided to whip their shorts off them and let them have a bit more freedom. They loved it and went running off with not a care in the world.

A short while later their T-shirts came off and they were gloriously naked walking out to sea. We saw a several other little ones; clothed, in bathing suits, nappies and naked. (Nappies in the sea, no no no no no, they weren't even those swim nappies.)

This got me thinking "Is it OK to allow your kids to be naked in public?"

Their father doesn't like them being naked in public "I don't want dirty buggers getting their jollies from looking at my kids" or words similar. And I totally understand and agree with him, I'd go all out crazy mama roar if I saw anything suspect around my kids.

But.... my boys are so young and innocent, not a care in the world other than if they can have chocolate, a later bedtime and perhaps never eat another vegetable.

I don't want them to have to worry about "dirty buggers and their jollies".

Whilst they are unconcerned with body image I want them to embrace who they are and enjoy the freedom that comes with just not giving a damn if your tummy bulges, butt wobbles or your arms jiggle. Obviously I wouldn't take them sans clothes into town shopping, but at the beach it just seems more acceptable.

Is it OK, or should I be keeping them wrapped up and away from prying eyes?

(Yes they were wearing sunscreen.)

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