11/09/2013 07:16 BST

Kite Tubing Looks Like Loads Of Fun, But May Seriously Hurt You (VIDEO)

Despite being being responsible for a various injuries - broken necks and punctured lungs to name just a couple - not to mention at least two deaths, these two Russian chaps are showing the spirit of tube kiting is still alive.

Take one jet-ski, attach a specially designed inflatable to the back and off you go.

Although it looks like a jolly fun jaunt on the lake be warned - one of the first designs for the kite tube, the Wego Kite Tube, was recalled in 2006 due to safety concerns.

kite tubing

Looks fun, could hurt

The version shown here - the Manta Ray - has also apparently been outlawed in a number of US states.

This is the testimony of one user:

I was on Lake Cumberland a few days ago on the kite tube. We had a very experienced boat driver(30+ yrs of boating) that was going 20 MPH into the wind.

I got lifted up 30-40 feet in about a second, flipped over and got thrusted into the water on my back. Couldn’t breathe and got picked up by ambulance.

Bruised kidneys, chest and back bruising. I was very lucky that I didn’t land on my head or neck. I could have been killed

Careful folks...