Kite Tubing Looks Like Loads Of Fun, But May Seriously Hurt You (VIDEO)

Despite being being responsible for a various injuries - broken necks and punctured lungs to name just a couple - not to mention at least two deaths, these two Russian chaps are showing the spirit of tube kiting is still alive.

Take one jet-ski, attach a specially designed inflatable to the back and off you go.

Although it looks like a jolly fun jaunt on the lake be warned - one of the first designs for the kite tube, the Wego Kite Tube, was recalled in 2006 due to safety concerns.

Looks fun, could hurt

The version shown here - the Manta Ray - has also apparently been outlawed in a number of US states.

I was on Lake Cumberland a few days ago on the kite tube. We had a very experienced boat driver(30+ yrs of boating) that was going 20 MPH into the wind.

I got lifted up 30-40 feet in about a second, flipped over and got thrusted into the water on my back. Couldn’t breathe and got picked up by ambulance.

Bruised kidneys, chest and back bruising. I was very lucky that I didn’t land on my head or neck. I could have been killed

Careful folks...

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