Michael Barrymore Launches Clothing Collection. Yes, You Did Read That Correctly.

Like night follows day, there are certain things you can always rely on happening in celebland: Rihanna will wear/say/do something controversial; Katie Price will slate someone on Twitter; Helen Flanagan will post a cleavage-busting selfie… so far, so predictable.

But Michael Barrymore launching a clothing collection? Now there's something no one (well, apart from Michael) could have imagined ever becoming a reality.

Michael Barrymore has launched his own clothing collection

Yep, in news that will surely have the likes of Marc Jacobs and George at Asda quaking in their designer loafers, the former TV star has branched out into the world of men's fashion.

And it gets even stranger. The collection, Made By Dave - named after Barrymore's Jack Russell - is available online from a site littered with dodgy doggy gags and innuendo, which have absolutely nowt to do with any of the clothes on sale.

You can take the man off primetime etc, etc.

Weirder still, the range of clothes, footwear and accessories are actually rather nice and totally wearable if you're a man of a certain age and can afford to cough up nineteen quid for a pair of socks.

Speaking about his new venture, Michael said: “Launching the clothing range was incredibly nervy. But focusing on the business has kept me well and away from drugs and alcohol.”

Visit made-by-dave to see Dave's Michael's design efforts for yourselves

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