'The Guilty' Episode 2 Review - Tamsin Greig Stars In ITV's Tightly-Plotted Murder Mystery

REVIEW: 'The Guilty' Ep2 - Secrets Unravelling In The Close

Episode 2 of 'The Guilty' found DCI Maggie Brand (Tamsin Greig) struggling at home with her son's developmental problems, and at work where she was digging into the past to find out what did happen to Callum five years before.

Tamsin Greig is a haunted DCI Maggie Brand, tasked with raking over the coals of an old case

Of Callum's grieving parents, it does seem as though only one is interested in finding out what happened , and who took their small son's blanket. Would it be too obvious to discover the guilty party was this close to home? I hope an alternative red herring presents itself soon, and not the stranger intent on a car park confession.

Darren Boyd and Katherine Kelly are the parents of little Callum, whose disappearance changed everything

I liked the visit to the sanatarium in Germany to visit troubled nanny Nina, amid the beautiful lakeside landscape. And that moment when the detective hands over the card to the witness... "if you think of anything else..." somehow you just always know that's a number that's going to be dialled at some point. She's already remembered something about the wellies.

I read a damning review of this episode elsewhere, but I'm really enjoying this compact, tighly-plotted tale, with all the guilt trips, confessions and secrets unravelling at a rate of knots. What do you think?


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