Jason Derulo Talks Miley Cyrus, Defends His Topless Videos: 'It's Different If Women Have Their Shirts Off' (EXCLUSIVE)

Jason Derulo has defended his latest 'sexy' music video, 'Talk Dirty', against comparisons to Miley Cyrus's naked video jaunts, stating that a male having his shirt off is "not considered naked".

When asked whether he thinks it's unfair Miley Cyrus is receiving such criticism for taking her clothes off and dancing sexually in her videos, while male artists like him do the same thing all the time, he says: "If a woman has her shirt off it's very different."

A shot from Jason's latest video

Speaking To The Huffington Post UK in London, the 23-year-old explains: "I definitely think there is a difference because men play basketball with their shirts off. Men play football with their shirts off. Men run around the streets like that and it's not considered naked really."

He adds: "Not that I think that there is anything wrong with her being naked in the video. But I do think it's a lot different because men and women are kind of seen very differently with their shirts off."

Jason Derulo's single cover

However, Derulo (who at the time of the interview hasn't yet seen Miley's latest video) doesn't think the former Disney star should tone down her act, despite, 'Wrecking Ball', featuring her swinging stark naked on a demolition ball.

"I think she's doing iconic things. After all that happened [at the VMAs] to make that bold choice again. I think she's doing some things that are actually herself, if it wasn't her then she would have stopped. It's making everybody talk, I think that's iconic," the 'Whatcha Say' singer says.

Miley Cyrus in 'Wrecking Ball'

"When Madonna had the cone boobs everybody was like 'what the hell is that', now it's like iconic," he adds.

Read our full interview with Jason Derulo, where he talks about his Hollywood ambitions and the time he almost lost it all, next week.

Derulo's 'Talk Dirty' is out on 16 September, his new album ‘Tattoos’ is set for release on 23 September.

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