Self-Healing Plastic Discovered In Spain, Nicknamed 'Terminator'

In what is either 'terrifying portent of the end-times' news, or 'rather cool tech' news, scientists have unveiled a new form of plastic which can heal itself.

The new material, discovered by researchers in Spain, has been nicknamed the Terminator after the self-healing T-1000 robot from 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day'.

Reported in the Royal Society of Chemistry's journal Materials Horizons, the material is able to heal itself after being sliced in two, in a matter of hours.

In one example a sample merged to 97% strength in two hours. The reaction is down to the "metathesis reaction of aromatic disulphides" - obviously.

The Centre for Electrochemical Technologies in San Sebastian, who claimed the discovery, said that the self-healing properties occur at room temperature, with no external heat or light.

The plastic is in effect a velcro-like sealant or adhesive, and cannot be broken when stretched by hand.

Potential uses could be found in manufacturing and electronics, they said.

Take a look at the strange plastic above in a video posted on Chemistry World..