WATCH: Ashley Cole Abused By Furious Female Bartender In Dispute Over Tip (NSFW VIDEO)

Ashley Cole got a whole lot more than he bargained for after a night out on the sauce on a recent trip to St Louis in the US.

A video has surfaced of the Chelsea defender being confronted by a seriously peeved off woman outside a bar where he'd been enjoying a few bevvies with his teammates.

Ashley Cole

After leaving the Hair Of The Dog bar, Ashley was singled out by the female bartender who took issue with the fact that, according to her at least, he'd been a bit stingy when it came to her tip.

Cue an onslaught of abuse.

"My people don't give two s**ts about you," screamed the woman. "They don't even know how to tip!

"I hope this stupid ass gets robbed, gets beat, gets raped right here on the motherf**king sidewalk!"

Blimey. That must have been a REALLY bad tip.

Click the video above to watch, but be warned, there's a LOT of sweary language.

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